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Few Shelby County citizens understand how many times each day something under the responsibility of the Shelby County Commission is a part of their lives.  Every time you twist a faucet, turn on a cable television, take out the trash, drive on a Shelby County road or turn on the heat, the Commission has had a hand in it.  And we take these responsibilities seriously.


As the past Chairman of the Shelby County Commission Finance Committee, I believe in living within our means. Budget requests come to the commission from all departments and multiple outside agencies. My fellow commissioners and I will continue to carefully evaluate all requests and fund those that will best benefit the citizens of Shelby County.  And we will continue to search for other funds, matching and otherwise, that will lead to the best projects to improve our county.

Law Enforcement/Safety

It is critical that we support our Shelby County sheriff’s department, municipal police departments, fire departments and first responders.  Our county has been very successful in grant acquisition from federal and state organizations and has been both progressive and frugal in providing resources to help these agencies.  We have a much improved radio communication system just coming online that can aid many of these departments.  We are in the process of purchasing and equipping multiple deputy vehicles that are much needed. We have improved several aspects of the jail and juvenile detention center, particular in the area of digital security. All of these programs will continue under the current commission and help keep Shelby County safer.    

Infrastructure/Roads & Bridges

The maintenance and improvement of our roads and bridges is a constant and never ending endeavor of your county commission and our highway department. Projects are ongoing and constant across the county.  We are working daily with federal and state agencies in the projects you can see and future projects.  With so many people wanting to move to the best county in Alabama to live in, traffic is a concern to all of us and innovative ways to manage our daily commute are being evaluated.

Parks & Recreation

Projects with the Oak Mountain State Park, the University of Montevallo and multiple municipalities have been very productive and positively received.  Our parks, lakes, golf courses, boat docks and green spaces are very important to our citizens and the Commission. Under my watch, the commission will be moving forward on some additional very exciting projects.

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