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Thank for your interest in helping this campaign.  We would sincerely appreciate your help and your vote! 

Our Campaign

  • Yard Signs – If you would like a yard sign, please email us at

  • Neighborhoods and Organization Meetings – We want to visit with groups in every District 9 neighborhood and exchange visions and ideas for Shelby County – but COVID-19 means those visits will be virtual for now. Let us know if you see an opportunty for a virtual or open air meeting.

  • Contributions – If you would like to make a contribution to our campaign, please mail it to Dr. Robbie Hayes for Commission Campaign at P.O. Box 376 or email us at

  • Feedback – We also want as much feedback as possible. We have to have open and honest communication to truly succeed.  Please let us know what you think because our county government is here to serve our residents, businesses and visitors.  We need to make sure that our city always prioritizes the service attitude that we all deserve.

  • Share – please share our message and your thoughts with as many people as possible because you can make much more of a difference than you realize.  For those of you involved in social media, you know how easy it can be to get the message out to your friends and neighbors very quickly.  We need and appreciate your help.

Our Community

We can certainly use your help with the campaign, but we firmly believe that help for our community is also very important.  There are many different ways to help Shelby County, and what is most appropriate and fulfilling will vary by individual.  However, here are a few general thoughts:

  • Be involved – this could include a donation of your time, money or something else of value that will help make us more proud of our community in one way or another.

  • Be heard – this can also take on many forms, but it is time for the silent majority to make sure that they know their thoughts and opinions critical to our future.

Try to shop in Shelby County whenever possible – our local businesses need your support and our city needs the revenue to provide you the services you deserve.

VOTE and bring a friend (or two, or three …)!

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